My Fitness Journey…

Sometimes it’s really arduous for so many of us to stay fit in our busy lives, well I’m one of them.

I started gaining weight when I was 13 years old due to some body changes and hitting my puberty and after my first period I wouldn’t stop eating, consuming both healthy and junk food, which immensely lead me to gain a lot of weight and I’m sure many of you can relate when I say when we’re up all night, we definitely crawl in and out of the kitchen with loaded cheesy fries, or noodles etc… when we shouldn’t be eating late nights.

Back when I was in school, my classmates started bullying me from 7th grade and called me “fat so” and would say “haven’t you seen her size? She’ll never fit in this.” Which lead me to stop eating at all (still unhealthy) and I would be angry on my parents for letting me eat so much and having no control over my body. Now I come from a background where a height of a girl matters which means she’s supposed to eat all types of food and her height should hit to 5’6 or 5’8 or even 6 feet for her to get married.. sounds so unfair but yeah that’s how it is. 🌚

By the time I finished my O levels I was 16 years and do not ask me of how much pressure my classmates put me in for me to get through all those horrific years with names they gave me or even called me .. when I reminisce back to when I was 14 years, my teachers wouldn’t even be fair with me, once my English literature teacher told me I cannot play the role of Juliet because of my size 🙃 well that surely hit me deep and I was torn inside but I smiled anyways and told her it’s okay.. though I wanted to smash her face and burn my class and classmates down. 😊

Cruel summer of 2015 hit me way harder when I traveled to Pakistan to meet my family (after 8 years of my life) and I was so excited but that excitement didn’t last long when my family members started telling me that I was overweight and I should lose some weight and one of my aunty even kept her hands on my thighs asking me “what is this?” And I faked a smile saying I don’t know, it’s called thighs I believe.. but that was so embarrassing for me and for the first time ever in my life I’ve felt so embarrassed of myself and I was ashamed that I even existed, which started to lead me to depression and slowly I started to die inside.

When I came back from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, I told myself I’ll prove them wrong, I’ll prove everyone wrong, and that’s when I decided I’ll study home and I did my A levels , during those 2 years of my life I started to workout like a crazy beast and eat clean and would not come near to sugar or any other junk food and within 2 years , I started seeing the results, I was happy I lost all of that weight, from 86 kgs to 58 kgs, I was happy because I knew I proved them wrong, I knew I proved everyone wrong.. I believed in me and I worked hard on my body, overcame everyones taunts that would hurt me. I became the new me & I was happy about it 😃

The Journey Begins 💕

Hello everyone, my name is Juveria and I’ve created this blog to help many of you who are struggling in life because let me tell you, your not alone in this.. I went through so much in my life and I’m here to share my experience and guide you through your struggles.

My main goal of creating this blog was to share my struggles in life, like staying fit which is very difficult to do especially when your a foodie person and going through mental issues like depression and anxiety which actually lead me to suicidal thoughts.. and at times I would actually try to kill myself, but I overcame that problem and here to stop you if your having any suicidal thoughts. The other struggle I went through in my life was being bullied at school, which is very common these days but I don’t think anyone should do it and no one deserves to go through such trauma in their lives.

I am here to help and guide you through all this and hope that we will get through everything. Let the Journey begin 💕

Don’t be a bully be a star

If your broken, you don’t have to stay broken